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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 19, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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abusing his fiance tonight. new details about another ugly incident that happened inside ray mcdonald's home. only this time, police say there was a fight and then a woman grabbed a gun. >> len ramirez is outside mcdonald's home with the latest. >> reporter: the police report that came out this afternoon never mentioned ray mcdonald by name, but it involves a disturbance with a gun at the house that happened last may. and it sheds a light on what was and is now a very stormy relationship. the facebook photo shows a happy smiling couple. ray mcdonald and his fiance. her face we have blurred. but it was a much different scene at the mcdonald house on bentley ridge drive last may
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25. a police synopsis says there was an argument between an engaged couple. a woman got a handgun and held it at her side. when the man threatened to call 911, the woman put the gun away and fled. the woman never pointed the gun at the man or made any threats. >> this may incident could be the building blocks of mr. mcdonald's defense. >> reporter: attorney steven clark says what happened last may will certainly be a factor if he is arrested for domestic violence. his now fiance allegedly suffered bruises in august. >> if he is saying he acted in august in self-defense, he can point to the may incident to give credibility to his claims that it was self-defense. >> she didn't make a threat and the gun remained at her side. so, that doesn't sound like a person who is going to attack
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and shoot someone else. >> reporter: kathlene krenek, the director of solutions of domestic violence says that the fiance was not the aggressor. >> to me, that sounds like a person who just doesn't want that gun used on her. >> reporter: now during this time when the focus is on domestic violence within the nfl, we got word tonight that there was an incident involving domestic violence involving fans at levi stadium on the very first home game last sunday night. a 30-year-old man was arrested for domestic violence for allegedly battering his female companion. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. >> mcdonald is one of four players arrested for domestic violence. jonathan dwyer of the cardinals was taken away in handcuffs. some say the league and roger goodell have not done enough.
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look at the banner that flew before the football matchup. goodell must go. we learned that a huge fire ranges in el dorado county is no accident. cal fire blames this man for starting it. wayne allen huntsman. tonight, we are hearing from his family. juliette goodrich is in the news room. >> reporter: the suspected arsonist's family is speaking out. they are in disbelief. meantime, the king fire exploded in size. it is 12,000 homes in danger of catching fire. it is costing more than $5 million a day to fight. more than 4,000 firefighters on the front lines. the massive king fire racing through rugged canyon. fire officials say it is driven by a huge and ominous plume of smoke, now the length of colorado. >> the embers coming out of the
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fire, the smoke column, they are wafted and go way out into the unburned area and start a fire. >> reporter: it all began, investigators believe as an active arson, the suspect, 37- year-old wayne allen huntsman is held on $10 million bail. >> i don't believe he is guilty of it. i'm in complete shock. >> reporter: huntsman's sister lives in solinas and says he grew up in the wilderness. >> he has always worked to do what he has to do to provide. he would be the one watching making sure everybody was okay. >> reporter: shifting winds are pushing the fire in all directions and pulling people out of their homes. flames prompting the closure along highway 50 from pollock pines to riverton. fire consuming brittle vegetation and trees from the
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drought. lake tahoe officials say there is no immediate threat to the tahoe basin, but visitors should have an evacuation plan. juliette goodrich, kpix5. >> to give you an idea of how big the king fire is, look at this photo from space. that smoke cloud is as long as the state of colorado. further north in the town of weed, firefighters have just about contained the boles fire that has destroyed 140 homes. we got enough rain to coat these roads in richmond today and paul, every drop counts. we had a lot of drops in the santa cruz mountain. all those places have something in common. they are higher in elevation. closer to the bay, not much, between 0 and a tenth of an
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inch. napa, four one-hundredths of an inch. san rafael. this is not the only rain chance we will see. the pattern is changes. we have another rain chance that we will talk about in ten minutes. people are ransacking stores in baja after hurricane odile hits. people are fighting for whatever is left on the shelves. tens of thousands of mexicans are still without running water and electricity. officials think it will take another two days for the mexican air force to evacuate some 30,000 tourists still stranded. and we are working on getting americans back home. if you know someone stuck, call or tweet him. a fire station has to do repairs after someone shot out the windows. looks like a pellet or a bibi gun. >> we did a little bit of
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digging asking around the senior firefighters personnel within the department. and to our recollection, there is no memory of this happening to a san jose fire station. >> the fire station doesn't have any surveillance cameras so investigators are checking nearby businesses to see if their cameras picked up anything. if you bought anything at home depot in the lausanne months, check your credit card statements. we learned hackers got access to 56 million credit and debit card numbers between april and this month. it is the biggest hacking case ever, bigger than target. home depot says we apologize to our customers. they are offering customers free credit monitoring. it says the hackers installed malware on check out scanners that no one detected for months. new trouble for oakland mayor jean quan tonight. a month-and-a-half before the election, christin ayers has
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results of our exclusive kpix5 poll. >> reporter: our exclusive show says less a fight between jean quan and cap kaplan. >> 75% of voters who voted you first last time wouldn't do it again. >> we'll see. we'll see. >> does that worry you? >> i walk door to door. i'm actually doing pretty good door to door and in neighborhoods. >> reporter: but three polls in the last week confirm first- degree kaplan is the candidate to beat. and that brought out her rivals. >> we have the tale of two cities now. we need a leader who will unite us. >> i'm the only city of oakland elected official who was born in oakland and has been working
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in this community my entire life. >> reporter: but an influential group of public faith leaders backed joe tuman as their choice. >> the three people emerging to the top bus tumam, washer, and segel. >> reporter: being the front runner has put a target on her back she says. >> when you see the mud slinging, that is because people are afraid i'm in the lead. >> reporter: polls are showing undecided voters at anywhere from 19% to 40%. experts say they could be the wild card in the race. in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. and tonight, the mayor of oakland has done a 180 in a messy dispute over the trash collection. she agreed to give a billion dollars waste management contract back to the old company. the one that lost the bid. stay tuned. more details of this coming tomorrow. and we are just now getting word scotland will stay part of
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the united kingdom. voters rejected a referendum. sharon chin, what is the reaction at the pub? >> reporter: well a lot of disappointment here. people packed here earlier tonight. [ unintelligible ] [ bag pipe music ] >> reporter: 55% of 45% in favor of the status quo. voters turned out a record 86%, but some people are not ready to break a 307-year-old alliance with england. here in san francisco, the bar manager ellen black supported their independence. >> we would have then been
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independent. and everything we had been dependent upon. our anger, our sense of loss, our history, watching brave heart on tv and getting all emotional. all of that stuff had suddenly been removed and we would have to face the fact we only had this new thing called scotland to define us. >> reporter: so how will healing happen from the elections? well allen says one day you argue, the next day, you go out to drink together. we will see what happens in this case. live in san francisco, sharon chin, kpix5. a nationwide count began right after the polls closed. voters came out in record numbers. 86% turnout. wording on the ballot was simple. no side scored a big win in aberdeen, the home city of the leader of independence campaign. well, the u.s. will soon
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start arming syrian rebels. the senate overwhelmingly approved a bill to train and arm them to fight isis, but don't expect immediate results. it could take up to a year to have them ready for battle. the u.s. will keep up with its air strikes on isis in syria and iraq. meantime, australia has arrested more than a dozen people suspected of being isis supporters. the country's prime minister said they wanted to kidnap a random person. they would then behead them in public and drape the body in an isis flag. the plane took off and all of a sudden, passengers heard a loud boom. the oxygen masks came out. >> tonight, hear what these guys say is worth waiting 36 hours for even in the rain. >> meet gordo. how this little dog is winning hearts after ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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grabbed oxygen masks... the whole thing started with a g bang, as jeff pegues repor >> tonight, we have pictures from inside the plane as smoke filled the cabin and passengerred grabbed oxygen masks. the whole thing started with a big bang. >> reporter: shortly after the flight took off from long beach airport, passengers say the right engine blew out. many of the 147 people on board heard a loud boom and saw smoke filling the cabin. multiple passengers reported the flight attendances manually activated the oxygen masks. >> you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. it engulfed the entire cabin in seconds. >> reporter: the plane was en route to austin texas heading over the pacific ocean. it circled back toward land after minutes in the air. dean was a passenger. >> it was a deer in the headlights sort of deal. but once we started coming in and got over land, it was jarring all over the place. and then, people started to get really worried. >> reporter: actor jackson
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rathbone of the twilight series was also on bone. uncertain about how the flight would end, i held my son and my wife in my arms and then as the plane prepared to touchdown, we were told to brace as we careened sharply back toward land. once the plane landed safely, the passengers evacuated down the emergency slides. >> they have people already out. sliding out the back already. >> all right, they are going out. >> reporter: rathbone, his wife and son along with the other passengers got off safely. jeff bages, cbs news, washington. >> one passenger was taken to the hospital and then released. it is almost here. the moment you have been waiting for. some camping out for days. yes, it's the new iphones, cate caugurian is outside the stockton street in san francisco. >> reporter: this is real dedication, we are less than 12 hours away from the iphone six and 6 plus in the hands of
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these dedicated people. look at this line. it is down the block. we are looking at a block slumber party here. some of these people have been here since yesterday. this is all again for the long awaited iphone 6. there will be two versions coming out. one will be about 4.7 inches and the plus, about prefer the actually. >> seeing better. >> it is bigger and faster. >> i think the iphone is too small, the previous iphone. too small. >> reporter: now, this is really more of an en a party. because we know over at the apple store in the marina, food trucks out in front. here is another thing, ken. the double tree is going to be delivering its signature cookie to those in line. all you have to do is tweet the hash tag cookie cares and they will deliver these to you at
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6:00 in the morning. back to you in the studio. >> bookies, phones, sounds like heaven. cookies. >> for many it probably is. >> thanks cate caugurian. well high speed chases in la are a dime a dozen but not this one. >> this one is a little different because of what happened to a little dog. lee calan shows us. >> look at that pit maneuver. >> reporter: it was one of those high speed chases that seem like all the rest in california. >> picking up speed. >> reporter: until out of nowhere, a little white dog. ve hebeen worse, a pedestrian had been in the path of the van moments earlier, but the one-year-old poodle mix struck a nerve in the city that otherwise might have jumebecame a trending topic on twitter. cameras were there as gordo was
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rushed to the eric stump couldn't believe his eyes. >> he is being incredible. >> reporter: gordo may still lose his hind leg, but he will be going is home. >> he has done remarkably well. >> reporter: as for the driver? >> okay, this will be coming to an end now. >> reporter: he and his female passenger were finally taken into custody on suspicion of vehicle theft. though few cared about them. it was gordo who mattered. donations to cover what could amount to at least $7,000 in care are pouring into the animal hospital. proof that in this case at least, the city of angels can live up to its name. cbs news, los angeles. >> such a precious little face. well doctors told our la sister station that gordo was a rock star during surgery. they were able to repair his broken hip, joint, and pelvis. >> lucky little guy. doctors say he is doing very well tonight. >> good news tonight. >> lots of good news. welcome news today with a little bit of rain.
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much needed. >> it was so nice earlier today. it smelled like rain. it was actually raining. you know, it was not so great for the morning commute, but we need this. it has helped out with the fire danger. seeing all the fires burning all around us, our local fire danger is lower thanks to the rainfall. especially in the higher elevations. what is going on now? not foggy yet, but i expect widespread death dense fog. it was sticky. that translates into a humid night and a foggy night and we will have that overnight and tomorrow morning. great time lapse. look at the sky, an angry looking sky. beautiful picture there of the exploretorium. rainfall up near eureka, but the doppler is now dry. a sticky night is a warm night. only in the low 60s tonight. concord, livermore, san jose,
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all staying above 60. we have the low area of pressure passing by to the west. that low will hang out just the south. it is no longer a rainmaker for us, but it will feed up unstable air and it won't be as sunny as it typically is. partly to mostly sunny skies for the next two or three days but a big ridge of high pressure is building in and it will keep us dry the next several days. fast forward to the middle of next week. there is a huge pool of unstable air up in the gulf of alaska. every week or so, a cold front will fire off in our direction. we had the rainfall this morning. next week, we have another chance of rain lowering the fire danger. humid night tonight. dense fog is likely. we will get more sunshine tomorrow. temperatures hanging out around average, that's that good place and a very nice weekend for you and your family to get outside. back to the low 80s in concord. nice day in san jose. partly to mostly sunny. 81 degrees, cupertino, 83.
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right around 80 in danville. partly sunny skies in san francisco. 69. richmond, 72. lake port, back up to 90 after a wet morning. this morning, over the weekend, partly to mostly sunny. 80s inland. 70s near the bay. here we go again to the middle of next week, there is another rain chance. maybe a sun. now you are looking at a little bit of a pattern. once a week in september with rain is a good thing. >> thank you paul. well, she has done a lot of outrageous stuff, but now miley outrageous stuff, but now miley cyrus could end up in ,,,,
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of $1,200 and three days in jail. to make matters worse, miley's performance took place on mexico's independence day. the as might be waving a white flag if this keeps up. can they avoid a sweep at,,,, i'm a doctor of internal medicine with something terrible to admit. i treated thousands of patients, risked their lives, while high on prescription drugs. i was an addict. i'm recovered now, but an estimated 500,000 medical
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baseball..carefree kids who could do no, th hing right, playin >> you know, not long ago, the as were the funnest team in baseball. carefree kids who could go no wrong. now they can do nothing right. playing baseball as if they were getting their teeth pulled by dr. evil. >> let this be a reminder to you all this organization will not tolerate failure. >> i don't know. sonny gray tried to heed dr. evil's advice. they picked upright where they left off in the first. still 1st inning, oops. derrick norris pass ball. the as never recored.
2:07 am
texas outscored oakland 19-6. the as drop to second in the wild card in the american league. seattle open the outside looking in. now trails oakland by a game. >> it is frustrating, you know, it is not very fun. you know, when you are in a race and it's a wild card race now. but when you are in a race, that kind of baseball is supposed to be fun. but ... i don't see anybody in the clubhouse having any fun right now. >> yeah, that's a problem. giants fans high fiving like the cubs, but in the 7th inning, game tied at 4-4. dodgers andre ethier doubled. the giants are in san diego tomorrow night. humiliation sensation in atlanta. bucks trailing the falcons,
2:08 am
devin ester takes the bunt. his 19th return touchdown of his career, he sets the nfl record. atlanta crushes tampa 56-14. he does get there. how many it isups can you do? here's the top five. shabazz napier with the set up and he scores doing a sit up. impressive. pirates center fielder andrew mccutchen makes a leaping catch and crashes into the wall. number three, back to atlanta. this is the best the bucks looked all night. a fan gets trucked by the falcons mascot. at number two, what is better here in the phillies domanic brown made the catch or didn't break his wrist? wow. phillies lost to san diego 7-3. he is okay. he's okay. julio jones makes the willy
2:09 am
maize catch. that 56-14 score, the biggest win for atlanta since the nixon administration. >> wow. >> wow. >> the bucks are 0-3 now. >> the bucks are 0-3 now. the early favorite to here's something fun to do with hot dogs. make easy crescent dogs. pillsbury crescent rolls. ♪ make dinner pop. he loves me, he loves me not he loves me! warm and flaky in fifteen...
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everyone loves pillsbury grands. make dinner pop.
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ning at 4-30. >> david letterman is next with dr. evil! he was in our sports
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